About Conors

Conors is an international company, specializing on trading in grains, oilseeds and products of their processing. Conors is delivering grains, oilseeds and by-products of Ukrainian origin primarily to the countries of the European Union, North Africa and Middle East.

Conors team has been engaged in this business since 1998. Our team consists of professionals – experienced and highly-motivated people, who combine their knowledge and skills to share common goals with our partners throughout the world of ensuring and promoting welfare and prosperity of our countries.

Conors has a strong reputation of a reliable partner, since all of our contractual obligations have always been executed fully and in good faith. Such a quality of our work has steadily been a fundamental one. Our team has a great experience and desire to develop in this direction and expand our business activity.

Conors invites agricultural holdings, trading and forwarding companies, oil manufacturing and processing plants to a long-term, stable and mutually-beneficial cooperation.


Realizing the gravity of challenges that the Ukrainian farmers annually face, whether it is bad weather conditions as drought or heavy rains, lack of agricultural equipment or introduction of questionable reforms in agricultural sector etc., in 2009 Conors successfully launched a Program of Support & Cooperation, directed on provision of assistance to farmers and small companies – Ukrainian producers of agricultural commodities.

The Program includes comprehensive assistance “from A to Z” during the process of passing the procedure of customs accreditation for export of the Ukrainian producers of agricultural commodities, including the obtaining, collection and submission of all the necessary documents, representation of the companies in state authorities, agricultural exchanges and customs services in regions of the companies’ registration, as well as provision of full support with further procedure of customs clearance of the goods for export.

Conors considers that farmers and small producers of agricultural goods deserve fair treatment and high appreciation of their hard work, therefore Conors always tries to offer the most competitive price for their commodities.


We are passionate about our relations with each partner – mutual respect and transparency in relations are essential for increase of the level of confidence in every partnership. We enjoy integrity – we keep commitments – expressed and implied.

We are scrupulous about each contract we conclude – from such indefeasible thing as good faith and timely execution to such a little, but substantial detail as precise and thorough performance of all paperwork, so that documents are always in good order.

We value each other and work as a team – each member of our team is priceless and all of the ideas and opinions are being heard and considered. Teamwork and brainstorming always leads us to the best results.

We dedicate ongoing efforts to exceed expectations of partners – we overcome obstacles; we anticipate and adapt to new conditions and change to meet the needs of our partners and achieve our company goals.

We strive to be the best – the phrase “focus on the journey, not the destination” is not about us, since the result is what really matters. We are restless, always eager to learn, always improving. We constantly set high standards and then try hard to succeed or even exceed them.

Innovative leadership requires to never stop on ones achievements and that is why Conors seizes each opportunity to make use of our strongest qualities, such as taste for innovation, zeal to constant development, resourcefulness, creativity and flexibility in finding ways to always improve to being a valuable source of support for our partners.